Helper Program

For many years, Three Cheers Farm has hosted farm helpers from around the world. Dozens of helpers from the WWOOF program and Help Exchange have lived and learned on the farm. Volunteers help with the daily operation of the farm in exchange for room and board. We have hosted many helpers over the years, and the experience has been wonderful for us all.

One of our helpers with a newborn lamb

The farm is a busy place year round.  In the spring, we are busy with lambing, maple-sugaring, maintaining our small orchard, and planting the garden. In the summer we plant & harvest the garden, tend the flower beds, harvest and can food for the winter, and making hay for winter feed. Harvesting and stocking up continues into autumn as we prepare for winter and sell our organic free-range lamb to local customers.  The winter hours are filled with animal husbandry, maple sugaring, snow shoveling, and preparations for spring.  Removal of invasive plants and improving the forestland occurs year around.

Here are some of the projects helpers do on the farm:

  • Feeding animals – sheep and chickens
  • Gardening – our large organic garden always needs tender loving care
  • Food processing – during harvest season we process, can, and freeze fruits and vegetables
  • Making and storing hay – summer
  • Maple sugaring (Winter and Spring)
  • Assistance with lambing season – (April)
  • Maintenance – barns, buildings, gates and fences
  • A variety of other minor, but fun tasks, such as making soap, gathering wild mushrooms and berries.
  • Cooking – we always need assistance with cooking our organic meals
  • Invasive species removal in our forests
  • A special project in 2017 will be the planting of a three sisters garden, which is corn, beans and squash (the three traditional Native American crops).

Helpers share in the chores, live and sleep in the farmhouse, and eat meals together.  Accommodations are very comfortable, in either a single or shared room.  The farm is a great place to learn how to live sustainably and preserve our natural resources.

Nicole with two babies
Three Cheers Farm - 04-21-2016-No. 28
Georgie, the farm owner, loves sharing the farm and her sustainable way of life with others. She is always right at home, whether it is working on a tractor, managing the numerous animals,  or making homemade ice cream. Her easy going nature and humor makes everyone feel at home, even those who have never been on a farm.
Three Cheers Farm - 04-23-2016-No. 30

Western Pennsylvania is a lovely place to live where one can enjoy hiking, biking, bird watching, and swimming in the nearby creek.  Although the area is remote, the farm is only an hour away from the city of Pittsburgh, which provides a myriad of cultural activities. We host helpers year round.  We prefer you stay a minimum of two weeks.  Please contact us if you would like to work on our farm.

Three Cheers Farm - 04-18-2016-No. 12

The nearby Mahoning Creek is a half hour hike away.

What Some of Our Farm Helpers Have Said ….

“Georgann, the owner of the farm, is a marvelous lady who is always very kind, patient, has a great sense of humor, and makes you feel right at home. It doesn’t matter if she is baking muffins or fixing a tractor, she is always knowledgeable and right at home.” Dale Johnson, Lancaster, PA

“Once I arrived at the farm, I told myself that I’m coming back! What a quiet beautiful farm! Georgie is a wonderful farm owner. She is strong, easy-going, wholesome, positive, giving and warm. Living in such a self-sustainable life style is so inspiring. Now I have another layer of emotional attachment and sincere application to our food, to the nature. I really felt lucky and grateful that I got to help at Three Cheers Farm. Thank you.” – Yixuan Pan – China

“Spending time here was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve ever had. I learned more about so many different aspects of living sustainably than I had from years of reading. For me, there’s no substitute for hands on experience.” Tim Fry, Camp Hill, PA

“Working on Georgie’s farm was an amazing experience. She is such a nice, humorous, and kindhearted women. Actually, she is an ice cream farmer. She made the best ice cream in the world. The farm is huge and so beautiful. There are a lot of interesting places nearby like the Mahoning Creek and the Amish auction. We had a lot of fun. It is not working, it is enjoying.”   Yang Jiao, Beijing, China


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