Beautiful, soft, luxurious sheepskins for sale.  Our sheepskins are from free-range, organically and humanely raised, happy sheep.  They are tanned washable by a local company and 100% made in the USA!  Sheepskins are fantastic gifts for baby showers, anniversaries, weddings, or your special valentine.  Three Cheers Farm sheepskins make any chair cozy and comfortable.  They are perfect for car seats, dog beds, wall decorations, throw rugs, or couch throws.  Our sheepskins can be washed in the washing machine, which makes them extremely versatile.  They range in price from $125 – $250, depending on size.

Washing Directions:
1.  Rinse with cool water
2.  Wash with Woolite in warm water on gentle cycle for 3 minutes
3.  Rinse in warm water (twice).  Allow to go thru spin cycles.  Air dry, then brush.
4.  Dryer set at 120 degrees – or air dry then put in dryer to fluff (no heat).
5.  Treat hide with a leather conditioner.



Thank you, Georgie! It’s so much nicer working with you all than buying from an impersonal monolithic corporation. We really appreciate you and Melani taking the time to personally select our baby’s sheepskin—she’ll be so lucky to have it. – C.M.

I hope all is well on the farm. Amy received her sheepskin on Tuesday and loves it. We spoke briefly today and she shared how she enjoys studying on it or just walking across it. Amy marveled at how plush it is compared to the ones she saw in New Zealand.  Thank you for sending it to her and for your kind wishes that she cherish and enjoy her birthday present as Melani and other college kids have appreciated theirs. – A.L.


Occasionally we have some sheep for sale.  Our ewes, ewe lambs and rams are a Dorset/Suffolk cross.  They are organically raised and extremely healthy stock.

Call 814-275-2857 for inquiries.


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